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As with any physical activity,  Football carries some risk of injury. As a registered club we are covered personal injury insurance through the Football Federation Australia (FFA)

FFA’s National Insurance Program (NIP) ensures that a consistent minimum level of coverage and benefits can be provided to all football participants across Australia.

The NIP is also expected to allow greater control on future premium pricing given the larger numbers involved and the emphasis on effective risk management practices within grassroots clubs throughout the country.

The NIP provides Sports Personal Injury insurance, Public Liability & Professional Indemnity as well as Club Management Liability insurance coverage.

Through the NIP, cover is provided to all registered players, match officials as well as other non-playing officials including but not limited to committee members, team managers, coaches and trainers.

FFA has appointed Gow-Gates as our brokers and they will oversee all aspects of the NIP including the delivery and preparation of risk management sessions and materials, provision of Certificates of Currency’s for clubs as well as other information, management of the claims process as well as making available a dedicated football insurance website so that Players & Club Administrators throughout Australia may have immediate access to the policy benefits and procedures of the insurance program.

Further more detailed information on the NIP can be found by clicking on the link to the website below:

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