Bound by yellow and blue in 2020

New 'Kick it' home skills videos

Week 1 - Ball Manipulation

Week 2 - Juggling

February 15th: FFA Cup First round for senior men

February 23rd: Registration Day 10am-12noon (Home Ground)

February 25th: Junior Preseason Start

March 21st: Senior Men's Season Start (1st Game)

March 22nd: Club Official & Volunteer information Session & Working with Children training session.

April 4th: Senior Men's first Home game.

April 4th: Veterans O45s & O55s Season start.

April 13th: AFC Obtains hand over of Home ground from Northcote United Cricket Club

April 19th: Juniors & Senior Women's Season Start (1st Game)

Date TBC: Mid Season Fundraiser (Euros 2020)

September 6th: Last rounds of league games Juniors, Women's & Men's

September 13th & 20th: Finals Series

September 11th: Roj Peine firework display & club presentation night

Alphington Football Club

Park Club House, Alphington Park Oval,

P.O. Box 5063 Alphington 3078