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Club Song

marks our 20th Season

This season AFC celebrates its 20th year.


In case you didn't know the club was created by a group of parents in Alphington whose kids enjoyed playing soccer at Alphington Park. Some of our founding members are still involved with the club.


So, how do we celebrate such a milestone?


A few ideas have been thrown around but our best was to capture our inherited club song. Inspired by 'Tigerland' our Bluetongues over the seasons have warmly adopted the song and made it their very own. We are very proud of the work behind the scenes created to professionally record "Yellow & Blue".

We hope you like it and offer it to all our members as a free download here: 


AlphingtonFC_song or




In the coming weeks we'll run a 'Family Holiday Raffle' to help raise funds to cover the song recording and give each one of our members the chance to be part of the legacy this song will bring to all those faces every weekend on gameday. We hope you like it..........


A Sports Club's Song is so much more than just an idle chant. It's a war cry sung with passion and full of hometown pride. There is no better feeling as a player than singing your song, loud and proud after a hard fought win. Likewise, there is no better feeling as a supporter to sing your heart out to your club song after victory. 

Song Credits:

Missing String Productions, Dima Faustov, Session Guy & Adi Kerr (formerly missing string productions)

Community Engagement 
Why does it stop with only the players singing it in the rooms? We should remember, this song belongs to every player, member and supporter of the club. The people who volunteer their time. So, play this song loud as the team runs onto the field, play it again after a win, encourage and invite everyone to take part in the celebrations. Give them the opportunity to feel as much a part of the club as all players and officials.

AFC_Club Song Lyrics (Instagram Story) (Instagram Post (Square)).png
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