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Boxing Day sale boosts Club’s coffer's

Elaine McPartlin was the Club President when she secured a sponsorship with Nelson Alexander.  Nelson Alexander have supported the club in various ways over the past few years. One of the most significant ways was to implement a Referral Program, reimbursing the Club for any successful referrals driven by our members and community.  

Elaine was the first to utilise this program when she decided to sell her family home with Luke Sacco, partner of the Northcote Office.

“We dealt with Luke who did everything he possibly could to get our house on the market within a short space of time and in the best possible condition. He recommended builders, delayed photographs and was incredibly generous with his time.”

Elaine said “In the lead up to the auction we didn’t get the interest we expected and every time we had an open house there was a huge downpour.” The bad timing and bad luck translated to the worst possible result on auction day, not a single bid.

“This was our family home of 20 years and it felt terrible when we didn’t even get one bid,” Elaine remembers.

“When it was passed in, I just thought ‘What are we going to do?’ We had already bought a house. Yes, we had a long settlement but much of that time had already gone into preparing our home for sale.”

Post auction Luke was more determined than ever to sell the property quickly and he assured Elaine he wouldn’t compromise on the price.

“I can’t tell you how hard Luke worked for us after the auction. He really went above and beyond. Our last opening was the Saturday before Christmas and we were still getting calls from him on Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning.”

Elaine’s house was officially sold at a boardroom auction on Boxing Day. The sale contributed a major financial boost to our Club and we are very grateful to Elaine.

“Not only are they great at what they do, it’s an incredibly easy process, there’s a huge benefit to the Club and it doesn’t impact you financially. It’s a great feeling to know we’ve brought much needed funds into the Club which will help keep it afloat in these uncertain times, ready to kick off in season 2021.”


Just a reminder, you too can ‘Support Our Club’ if you or anyone you know, is thinking of selling or changing management of your rental property simply click on the Nelson Alexander logo link either on the club website or Facebook page and complete the form or call Luke Sacco on 0407 528 040 and be sure to mention ‘Alphington Football Club’

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