Alphington FC-Refund Policy

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Hello everyone,


It’s been an incredibly challenging year for all Melbournians and I hope everyone connected to Club is safe and well.


Season 2020 will (hopefully) go down as the most interrupted season in the Club’s history and we thank everyone for their patience and support during the year.


On the important issue of a fair and reasonable refund policy, Alphington Football Club will refund 100 percent of fees, across all ages. This refund is, of course, separate to Football Victoria’s Refund Policy who have held a percentage of player contributions. For those that haven’t reviewed Football Victoria’s policy announced on September 15 you can do so {here}.


The decision to fully refund Club fees is the right decision on behalf of those members who paid and registered before the season started but it does place the Club in a vulnerable situation. This is in part due to a range of fixed costs faced this year (uniforms, coaching and council fees) at a time of no sponsorship or fundraising contributions coming into the Club.


For this reason, we’re asking families and members who are in a position to help, to consider supporting us, by either donating a portion of their fees already paid or, if circumstances allow, choosing to not have their paid fees refunded. Alternatively if you didn’t get around to registering and haven’t paid anything, we ask that you consider making a donation.  This will go a long way toward the successful re-emergence of the Bluetongues as we start planning for season 2021.


The first step in the refund process will be for members to apply for the refund below and, where possible, indicate a donation amount.


Timing of refunds into people’s accounts is likely to happen in early November when all clubs receive their refund from Football Victoria. 


Thanks again for your patience and please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.



Kelly Crosthwaite

President, Alphington FC

Refund Request - Full Refund (unless a donation is made)

If you are not requesting a refund and only making a donation please use this form and then transfer into our club account: Alphington Football Club BSB:633 000 ACC:150044980

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