Senior Men’s Team win the Vic Soccer, Division One League !

What an exciting weekend it was for Alphington Football Club. For the first time in the Club’s history, one of our senior teams won their league. Our Senior Men’s First Team won the Vic Soccer, Division One League and they did it with style. The team, undefeated to date, won their match 5-0 against Melbourne University FC and there are still two weeks left in the season.

On behalf of the Club, I would like to thank everyone who came down to support the team on a lovely sunny, Sunday afternoon. It made for a wonderful atmosphere. A special thanks goes out to our junior team members who cheered the team on to victory. We hope to see you out there in the yellow and blue stripes in a few years.

Many of you are probably unaware that turning the game on Sunday into a Club event was player driven. Their excitement was palpable and they clearly wanted to share it with others. Of course, it couldn’t have happened without the help of a dedicated few. So, I would like to thank the following people: Anthony, for creating the incredible, personalised invitation that went out by email to our Club Members and for working the BBQ on the day; Aidan for helping me to stack the fridges and for kicking the BBQ off; Anna who, also, helped with the BBQ and did a great job of spruiking the sausages; Shona, for taking over the canteen for the duration of the Senior Men’s Firsts’ game; Louis and Alphington Meat Supplies for donating 100 sausages to the event. They received rave reviews from the public, yet again; Ali for coming back to the Club to help get some food,supplied by our Over 45 teams, out to the victors and Mocha for providing further sustenance in the form of pizza later in the evening.

Finally, and most importantly, to our Senior Coach, Greg, and the Senior Men’s Team thank you form everyone at the Club for putting in the time and effort it takes to win a league so convincingly. The match on Sunday was exciting to watch but we know there were many hard fought matches played during the season and many training hours put in to get you to this point. We are incredibly proud of your efforts.

Elaine McPartlin
Club President

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